As you consider New Year’s resolutions for 2023, did your health and wellness make the final cut? People tend to flock to gyms and start new diets after the start of the new year to embark on their wellness journey, but there’s another option for you to achieve health. Softub Spas would like to introduce you to the benefits of hydrotherapy that you will experience with our spas. Let’s go over why you should make a New Year’s resolution to spend time in a Softub.

Health and Hydrotherapy with a Softub

What is Hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is simply a method of using water to treat various symptoms throughout your body. Softub Spas were designed for hydrotherapy with their jet positioning and barrier-free seating to allow unrestricted movement. Many would agree that we made hydrotherapy better! 

Relief From Pain Caused by Arthritis & Fibromyalgia

A warm soak in a Softub Spa can relieve the pain of muscle and joint stiffness, improve blood circulation, and release endorphins to help those suffering from arthritis. The buoyancy of water reduces 90% of your body weight, making it easy to move around comfortably and allowing the brain to release endorphins as a natural pain reliever. One study found that fibromyalgia patients who were given therapeutic whirlpool baths had better muscle and joint function, reduced pain symptoms, and improved sleep quality at the conclusion of the study. Hydrotherapy is a homeopathic approach to managing pain.

Relief From Diabetes

When you are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes or adult-onset diabetes, you will need to participate in an exercise routine to help manage it. Exercising in your Softub allows unrestricted movement for water aerobics, which will greatly improve your joint mobility. This is especially helpful for diabetics who are unable to take part in traditional forms of exercise.

Relief From Anxiety, Stress, & Sleep Disorders

Our Softubs feature adjustable jets that help to loosen knots of tension and increase your muscle range of motion, allowing your body to relax. For those who struggle with getting a good night of sleep, a Softub may be the solution you’ve been searching for. Soaking in water before going to bed triggers your body’s internal thermostat to lower your body temperature. A gradual reduction in body temperature induces drowsiness, leaving you more prepared for sleep.

Order Your Softub For the New Year 

Softub Spas are the best way for your whole family to enjoy relaxation and comfort right in your own backyard. Compare our models to determine the best choice for your household, and you will be on your way to a healthier new year. Contact us today at (888) 763-8828 if you would like to find out where you can purchase a Softub Spa, or to get more information about our financing options. Visit our online dealer locator to find an authorized dealer near you, from among our multiple locations across the country.