Resort 300


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Key Features

Built in Therapy Seat
Accommodates up to 6 adults
7 customizable Hydrotherapy Jets
HydroMate® with SmartChip patented technology

Providing pure comfort with the ability to entertain, the spacious Resort® 300 can accommodate up to 6 adults. At 6½ feet in diameter, this is truly a spa the whole family can enjoy! Custom built with an additional 3 inches in depth, the Resort® 300 allows our users to soak deeper for additional comfort. This tub comes standard with a therapy seat that is designed to elevate your soaking position, while strategically placed, pulsating jets soothe your upper and lower back, all while plugging into a standard 15 Amp (115 Volt) outlet!

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Attention CA Residents: Prop 65 Warning »


Note: Both an exterior and interior liner in either the SynTex™ or LeatherTex® category are required to add to the cart.

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SKU: Softub Resort 300 Category:

Resort 300


Resort® 300

The Resort® 300 is the ultimate in luxury. This spa accommodates up to six adults and allows you and your friends or family to relax after a hard day resting and soaking in a Softub®. All in the tranquility in the comfort of your own home.

No hard seating in a Softub®

The Softub® Resort® 300 provides soft, comfortable “bench style” therapy seating, barrier-free, unlike our competitors, you won’t find hard plastic assigned seating in a Softub®! Made on a platform of soft foam, you won’t bang your knees or find yourself trying to fit into a hard pre-formed shape like plastic tubs.

Hydrotherapeutic jets

Our rehabilitative five adjustable hydrotherapy jets, plus two pulsating jets, add to the overall enjoyment. Easing aches and pains from conditions like arthritis, lower back pain, and fibromyalgia. Warm water helps bring down swelling and loosens tight muscles. Strategically designed and placed, these pulsating jets move warm bubbly water that reaches those commonly sore areas on your lower back. Once you layback in a Softub®, you won’t want to leave.

Roll it wherever you want

Don’t worry about the setup. This tub rolls through any standard door and doesn’t need special site preparation or those heavy cranes to get it into your back yard. You can’t imagine how handy this feature is compared to those square heavy tubs until you need to move your Softub®.

Plugs Into A Standard 15 Amp Outlet!

All Softub®s can be plugged directly into a 15 Amp (115 Volt) outlet compared to others in the industry that require a 60 Amp (220/ 230 Volt) connection! We use less electricity to heat your water to the desired temperature, so you get comfort and quality at a fraction of the price!

Split Lid Cover

The Softub® Resort® 300 will include Softub®, split lid, security straps.

This attractive color-coordinated cover compliments your Softub®. But it’s also functional, in more ways than one. The hard lid keeps the heat in, and the harsh elements out, ready to enjoy when you are. Our cover helps to prolong the life of your Softub®

Portability and more

Just take it home, hook it up, add water and enjoy! Included in your purchase you will find the HydroMate® motor unit, pre-installed jets, a seat, an accessory bag including a foam connector cover with matching exterior cover, filter, owner’s manual, warranty card, large assembly sheet, and water treatment kit.





  • Built-in Therapy Seat
  • Plugs into a standard 15 Amp (115 Volt) outlet
  • 7 customizable Hydrotherapy Jets
  • Multi-colored LED underwater lighting
  • HydroMate® with SmartChip patented technology
  • Handcrafted in New Bedford, MA.
  • Industry-leading 5 year limited warranty
  • Rolls easily through any standard doorway
  • Accommodates up to 6 adults
  • Durable yet soft Polybond foam construction
  • No tools needed (for installation)
  • Deluxe folding lid with security locking strap


  • Capacity: 4-6 Adults
  • Outer Diameter: 78”
  • Inner Diameter: 66”
  • Height: 27 ”
  • Number of Jets: 7
  • Gallons: 300
  • Empty Weight: 80 lbs
  • Locking Flip Lid: 30 lbs
  • HydroMate®: 40 lbs
  • Max. Filled Weight: 3,450 lbs


LeatherTex® Exterior Color Options

LeatherTex® Almond, available in 2 Interior Colors
LeatherTex® Camel, available in 2 Interior Colors
LeatherTex® Charcoal is available with Pearl Interior only
LeatherTex® Forest Green, available in 2 Interior Colors
LeatherTex® Mocha, available in 2 Interior Colors
LeatherTex® Port, available in 2 Interior Colors
LeatherTex® Sapphire, available in 2 Interior Colors

LeatherTex® Interior Colors

LeatherTex® Pearl
LeatherTex® Blue
LeatherTex® Black

SynTex® Exterior Color Options

SynTex® Caribbean Green
SynTex® Graphite Gray
SynTex® Metallic Blue
SynTex® Off White
SynTex® Taupe

Custom SynTex® Exterior Color Options

SynTex® Bronze
SynTex® Caribbean Blue
SynTex® Caribbean Sand
SynTex® Lemon Yellow
SynTex® Ocean Blue
SynTex® Plum Purple
SynTex® Rainforest Green
SynTex® Strawberry Red
SynTex® Tangerine Orange

SynTex® Interior Color

SynTex® Pearl


Softub® is the most portable, movable spa in the world! Light, easy to use, and easy to install; you are never limited to one location.

Set-up is as easy as 1…2…3! Roll, connect, enjoy!


Roll your Softub® into positionRoll your spa into position. Your Softub® spa can be rolled through any standard door or yard gate with ease. With your tub weighing less than 75lbs, anyone can move it from place to place. A Softub® is weather-resistant, so you are free to place it outside or inside! Should you decide that you want to change locations, just empty and roll it where you desire.


Connecting your Softub® is easyOnce you place your Softub® where you want it, connect the HydroMate® System to your Softub® by turning the three connectors to tighten. No tools required.


Softub® Enjoy with your guestsFill with water and connect your Softub® to any standard 115v, 15-Amp outlet. Many other hot tubs take a special 220v outlet installed and require a professional electrician for installation, not Softub®. A Softub® can be plugged into any standard outlet. With our Softub® SmartChip technology and our HydroMate® system, Softub® spas maintain the set temperature on the control panel by turning the pump on and off automatically. The built-in safety mechanism prevents the spa from overheating if there is a problem with the temperature sensors as well as prevents the pump from turning on if the temperature is too high.


Durable enough to withstand the strength and weight of an elephant; no matter the weather- sun, rain, frost, or snow- the Leathertex® exterior of Softub® hot tubs has been created for long life and durability.

Softubs® is unsurpassed for comfort and convenience. The soft but stable Polybond interiors provide comfort in all positions you may want to relax in. Our standards for quality have not limited the beauty of Softub®. There are seven designer colors to choose from to match any décor. Softub® has ushered in a new era in relaxation. Softubs® are light, portable, comfortable, and environmentally friendly.

Whether inside or outdoors, a Softub® can transform your favorite spot into an oasis of relaxation! Choose one of Softub’s® three sizes to meet your needs. Whether you want one small enough for quiet relaxation alone or with someone, or a Softub® large enough for the whole family and friends, Softub® has a size that’s perfect for you. Behind Softub® spas, deceptively simple appearance is a bounty of technological innovations, including its unique, soft-but-remarkably durable wall construction, and it’s ingenious heat recovery system that keeps water at an ideal temperature using a dedicated 15 amp outlet! The insulated cover aids in keeping your Softub® ready for use at any time.


Whether in your yard or your home, during spring, summer, fall, or winter, Softub® offers you the opportunity to relax whenever and wherever ever you want.


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4 reviews for Resort 300

  1. Kenn Gesikowski

    I wanted to express how happy we are a family with the Soft Tub Resort 300. We’ve had this Soft Tub approximately 3 years now.
    My wife and I get tons of use out of this tub. Best of all, when my son has friends over, they are always asking to go in the tub. I’m always using Soft Tub after either a very long day at work or after a tough workout. My wife and I use Soft Tub just to relax and have a glass wine. The possibilities are endless!
    There are many advantages of owning Soft Tub, but I feel the biggest pros are convenience and it’s a good looking product. I have moved my Soft Tub a couple of times just because I like changing locations every once in a while. I added the extra shelving outside the tub for towels or drinks and it looks outstanding. I’m not afraid to show the product to the neighbors. Thanks again Soft Tub!

    Kenn Gesikowski March 2020

  2. Gina Getting

    We have had our Softub Resort 300 for 7 years. It is a great place for our family to spend an evening, decompressing the day and finding balance as a family. I realized just how much this time has meant to our family when our son came home from school with a project to come up with a symbol that represents our family. He chose the Softub! When we asked why, he simply stated, ”This is where we spend time together talking as a family!” We are grateful for this time to share many laughs, memories, and connect together as a family.

    Gina Getting March 2020

  3. Shelly Kitchen Sturdevant

    Purchased 300 Mocha/Blue After many years of wanting a hot tub we finally decided to buy one in August! After lots and lots of research, we decided to go with the Softub and I am glad we did! Having my Softub has truly changed my life. I know that sounds over the top but I have arthritis and this has helped so much with the pain I just don’t know why I waited so long to make the purchase. The Softub was easy to set up and is easy to maintain… basically I throw some chlorine once in a while and that is about it. If you are reading this and thinking about buying one too – do it! You will not regret it!

    Shelly Kitchen Sturdevant reviewed Softub — 5 star

  4. Eleanor

    We purchased the Resort 300 6 ,months ago. It is by far the best purchase ever. It was easy to set up and maintain. Love it and helps with arthritis. SO glad we went with the Softub

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