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Your Softub Spas® has been carefully engineered to provide maximum safety against electrical shock. Installation must be within 10 feet of a three-prong grounded outlet with an isolated power supply of 15 amps 115 volts. The outlet should be a minimum of 5 feet from the spa. Connecting the Softub Spas to an improperly wired circuit, or using an extension cord, may cause damage to the motor unit that is not covered under warranty.

Your Softub Spas can be plugged into any isolated 15 Amp 115 volt. We recommend it to be on a dedicated breaker of at least 15 amps minimum, and we prohibit the use of extension cords. In light of the design of the HydroMate® system, the Softub Spas is the most energy-efficient hot tub available, gallon for gallon. The sealed, high-density insulated cover keeps the heat from escaping when the tub is not in use. Your Softub Spa can be kept at 104 degrees and be used for 20 minutes every day on average of $15 a month!

Read more on our Softub Spas Eco Advantage.


We only recommend the use of our water treatment products as they have all been thoroughly tested by our research and development lab for many years and have been proven safe on our liners. Since we have never tested the use of any other products, we cannot be certain that they will not harm the tub in any way. Using chemicals not approved by Softub Spas is your choice, as well as your personal risk as it will void the Softub Spas warranty. Softcare prodcuts and FROG @ease are both recommended products for use in the Softub Spa.

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Softub Spas has approved the use of the FROG® @ease Floating System. FROG @ease combines sanitizing minerals and SmartChlor Technology to kill bacteria, two ways, with up to 75% less chlorine. The result? Fresh Mineral Water® that’s silky soft, has far fewer odors than other water, and is self-regulating (meaning it is the easiest water to maintain)! Plus, it knows when more sanitizing power is needed and automatically delivers it.

No. We have tested the use of salt water chlorine generators in our tubs and have found them to cause damage. The salt water will corrode the metal components in the tub which will eventually cause a leak. Using chemicals or your own generator not approved by Softub Spas is your choice, as well as your personal risk as it will void the Softub Spas warranty.

This was a change made due to the California regulatory process and is now mandatory. The product is exactly the same as before. The Softub Spas manual says “the use of shock will void the warranty”. That is true, if a customer is using a Potassium Monopersulfate (Non-Chlorine) Shock. Shocking can be done properly in two ways: 1) by Super Chlorinating with Softcare Chlor, OR 2) by using FROG® Jump Start.

Surround Deck Accessory

The natural-stain deck surround is an accessory made of top-quality incense cedar. It is not required for the function of the Softub Spa yet adds some aesthetic beauty and practical uses. The deck surround is already weatherized and may be stained or left as is in its natural wood state. This deck surround is available on our mid-size Legend® 220 (6 feet in outer diameter), our Resort® 300 (6.5 feet in outer diameter), and the Portico™ (6.5 feet in outer diameter), adding itself 2 additional feet around the Softub Spa. You may choose to purchase with your Softub Spa or wait for a later date to consider whether a surround is right for you. This wood deck surround ships separately to your doorstep in pre-drilled parts, with some user assembly required.

The Boca Poly-Rattan Surround is available for the Legend® 220, Resort® 300, and Portico™ models, adding itself 3 additional feet around the Softub Spa. You may choose to purchase these surrounds with your Softub Spa or wait for a later date to consider whether a surround is right for you. The poly-rattan surround ship separately to your doorstep in partitions, with user assembly required.

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Temperature Controls

Your Softub Spas® HydroMate® System is designed to be simple to operate and easy to maintain.

To set the temperature, press the up or down arrow once to display the current setting. Then, use the up and down arrows to adjust the temperature to the setting you desire. The current temperature setting will display for 5 seconds after the up or down buttons are pressed. After this time has elapsed, the display will revert to displaying the water temperature.

By experimenting with different settings on the control panel, you will find the temperature most comfortable for you. The thermostat will automatically turn the tub on and off as the temperature falls below, then reaches the set temperature to maintain the water temperature you have selected, 24 hours a day.

Your Softub Spa will automatically display the temperature of the water in your spa, whenever the pump is on and has been running for 2 minutes continuously.

To display the water temperature when “P” is showing on the display, press the “JETS” button. After 2 minutes, the water temp will be displayed. To set the temperature, press the up or down arrow once to display the current setting. Then, use the up and down arrows to adjust the temperature to the setting you desire. The current temperature setting will display for 5 seconds after the up or down buttons are pressed. After this time has elapsed, the display will revert to displaying the water temperature.

"P" stands for the initial pause the unit needs before it reads out the water temperature. It is an indication that the water near the temperature sensors must be purged to get an accurate reading of the water temperature. You may see it throughout the heating process. It can take up to two minutes to register the temperature and the "P" to disappear.

The unit will heat as the motor runs; this can take close to 48 hours when you first fill the tub with cold water. If your motor is running, it is heating as well. If the unit is not heating to the correct temperature, it could be the result of an unfastened lid or open air control. If the unit continues to not heat to the correct temperature, call your local service center.

Softub Spas have a water temperature variance of 60-104 degrees, all simply controlled by using the up and down arrows on the digital control panel of the connecting motor pack unit. Running off any standard wall outlet to conserve energy, a Softub® requires around 48 hours to heat the tub water upon filling and re-filling.

Once the desired water temperature is set by the user, Softub Spas patented SmartChip™ technology locks in that temperature digitally, regardless of ambient temperature, until it is changed by the user, again using the up and down arrows on the control panel.


Our patented filtration programming automatically runs if it determines that it requires filtration. When the tub is running in the filtration cycle, the filter icon will glow. The digital controls are set to run two 15-minute filtration cycles in a 24 hour period. These will run every 12 hours and are set when the spa is first plugged in. The filtration cycle will only run if there has been no heat call in the prior 12 hours. If there has been a heat call, the filtration cycle will be skipped, saving you money.

Our filters come in two styles, a Pre-VGB and our current style. The Pre-VGB filter is for the older style tubs with a smaller suction cover. This suction cover is a little less than 4 inches and the filter features an offset attachment ring. The filter will attach to the 5 1/4 inch suction cover with a full diameter attachment ring.


All Softub Spas® come standard with either 4, 5, 7 or 8 jets, respectively, according to model and size.

When the water is at the set temperature, the jets will not be on. If you wish to use the tub, the JETS button on the control panel activates a timer that overrides the temperature you have selected. This turns them on for a 20 minute period. If you want the jets to stop within that 20 minute period, press the JETS button again. During use (lid off and air valve open), the water temperature usually drops enough to allow the thermostat to keep the motor unit running after the 20 minute period. If the motor stops after 20 minutes, the JETS button may be pressed again to keep the motor unit running.

Note: When the tub is in the standby part of the cycle in Overnight or Energy Saver Mode, the JETS button can still be used to turn on the 20-minute jet cycle. After the cycle has elapsed, the jets will continue to operate to heat the tub to the temperature you have set it to before returning to standby. Pressing the jets button again will turn off the jets and return the tub to standby immediately.

Always keep the water level at least 2 inches above the top jet. This will ensure that the jets do not spray water out of the tub, as well as not overworking the motor. Contact your Softub Spas Dealer for optional jets that can customize your Softub Spas.

The jets pop out of the side of the tub with a little force. You can grab it by the outside housing that has three Softub Spa logos on it and pull straight out. Slide your fingers behind the housing and pull outward. You may also try rotating and pulling on the jet. It will take some force to remove the jet, but they do come out!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to call your local service center for further assistance.

First, please make sure that the three plumbing connections from the HydroMate® to the tub are tight. If they are tight and connected correctly, and the unit is still leaking, we suggest you contact one of our service centers covering your area or Softub Spas tech service to troubleshoot the location. If you still cannot find the leak, your local service center will instruct you on the next step.


Durable enough to withstand the strength and weight of an elephant, no matter the weather—sun, rain, frost, or snow—the LeatherTex®, SynTex®, and Berwick exteriors of your Softub Spa have been created for long life and durability.

Yes. The Softub Spa can have its skin removed and replaced with another to make the unit look like new again. This should be performed by a certified technician, as the jets and drain holes will need to be cut out of the vinyl during the installation; one wrong cut would make the new liner leak. Please contact one of our service centers covering your area to set up an appointment to get a new liner installed on your tub. The service center will be able to provide you cost and availability.

We have three levels of cleaning that we recommend for stains and markings:

  1. Simple Stains: First, wipe the area clean with a damp washcloth; doing so will remove any build-up. Next, wipe the area clean with a mixture of baking soda and water.
  2. Tough Stains: When the tub is drained, use a soft soap and sponge to wipe the area clean.
  3. Inks and Heavy Stains: When the tub is drained, use a rag with VM&P Naptha to wipe the surface of the inner vinyl clean. Naphtha can only be used on the inner vinyl as VM&P Naptha is too harsh for the outside skin. If VM&P Naptha is used on the outside skin of the tub, it will be permanently damaged.

This type of damage is seen with tubs that have had higher than normal chlorine levels or lower than recommended pH levels; however, other chemical mismanagement issues can cause this to happen. If the vinyl becomes hard and brittle due to mismanagement of chemicals, it is best to re-skin a tub. We recommend to work on correcting the water chemistry before installing a new liner to ensure the new liner is not damaged as well. We would also suggest contacting support for assistance with chemicals and a relining.

Slick or slimy walls are a sign of lower ‘sanitizer’ or chlorine levels. If you find your tub in this situation, we recommend you change your water and give your tub a good cleaning. Trying to adjust your chemicals with-out draining and cleaning may produce chlora-mines which creates an unpleasant odor. When you add chlorine for the first time, you’ll want to add 1 or 2 tablespoons of chlorine to a tub being filled. Once filled test the water again to see if the levels are still low and add another tablespoon if it is low. After 15 minutes check the levels again. If the color of the test strip matches the ‘OK’ colors on the side of the bottle, you are all set! If the color matches the ‘LOW’ colors, add another tablespoon of chlorine. Repeat as necessary. If you add more than 4 tablespoons, please check that your test strips have not expired as this is an excessive amount. If you happen to add too much chlorine, run the jets with the air control open and the cover of the tub off. This will let the chlorine evaporate out of the water.

Test after 3 hours to see if the levels have dropped to the ‘OK’ levels of 2-3ppm. Keep in mind that chlorine evaporates out of the water naturally, so you will need to add one tablespoon every few days to keep your levels up to par. Please keep a close eye on your water chemistry to ensure you maintain your sanitizer at the correct level. Test your water chemistry after each use of your Softub Spa, but no less than twice a week. Allowing your water chemistry to get out of balance can cause permanent damage to your liner and pose health risks to users of your tub. Please read the Water Treatment Guide that was included with your Softub Spa. If you need new copies of this, they are available from your Softub Spa dealer, or contact us online.

At the Softub Spa factory, we weld the wall of the tub to the floor plate with heat lamination. This can be performed by one of our service centers covering your area. You may also use an adhesive to attach the materials together. Do not apply adhesive to the inner vinyl of the tub as it may adhere to the wrong area inside the tub.


You may place your Softub Spa on any smooth surface (tile, concrete, wood, brick, or sand). Verify there are no sharp objects under the tub prior to setup. It is suggested you do not place your Softub Spa in an area where dirt and debris may be tracked into the tub.

Check your local codes for restrictions (i.e., childproof gates). Your dealer may offer a variety of accessories. These include gazebos, spa enclosures, and decks. A solid foundation is mandatory to ensure the stability of the structure or deck. Please refer to the spec chart for weights of filled tub and ensure your structure or deck can withhold the weight of the filled tub.

For easier maintenance, improved energy efficiency, better cleanliness, and to prolong the life of your Softub Spa, we recommend the use of a specially made protective cover, available at your dealer.

Construction, excavation, or concrete padding is sometimes necessary for heavy, hard-surfaced hot tubs. Since your Softub Spa is not permanent and movable for your convenience, none of this is needed! All you need is a level surface – indoors or outdoors. You don’t have to spend extra money on construction or preparation! Like we say: “Simple is Better”®!

All of our tubs will work effectively with below-freezing weather temperatures. As long as you remove any snow accumulation on and around the tub and motor and ensure that the unit is always powered, it is fine to use the tub all winter.

We sell our tubs throughout northern Europe and Asia with no issues. Many of our customers feel winter nights while it is snowing are the most romantic and relaxing experiences they have had with their Softub Spa!

If you have any additional technical questions, please feel free to reach out to Softub Spa Support at (800) 711-5382, ext. 2 or send them a message on our Contact Support page.

Owner's Manual

Parts & Accessories

We suggest only purchasing accessories and products through our authorized dealers and distributors, or online. If you would like to purchase in person, please contact your local service center through our Dealer Finder.


All Softub Spas have barrier-free seating; thus, the entire tub serves as a seat. Occupants are allowed unrestricted positioning and freedom of movement, essentially sitting comfortably anywhere within the tub.

Our largest 300 model and Portico™ includes a built-in “therapy seat” and Therapy Station™ bench. This is a slightly-raised semi-circle platform that allows for a heightened seated position with two of the seven jets vertically positioned along the liner wall behind the therapy seat for additional hydrotherapy.

An accessory water booster seat is available for purchase, matching the inner liner color choice of your brand new Softub Spa.


Your Softub Spa is light, simple to drain, and the most portable hot tub in the world. If you need to move the tub, it can be drained and placed in the back of a pick-up truck for travel. If the problem area is in the connecting motor pack, you may ship the package to an authorized Softub Spas service center for service. The service center will diagnose the problem and repair it and send it back to you.

If you would like to send our Softub Spa Tech Support team a message, you may do so on the Contact Support page.


The exterior of the tub, lid, motor unit, and vinyl cover, are made of LeatherTex® or SynTex®, which is a marine-grade vinyl specially formulated to resist mildew, cracking, and discoloration.

Use a mild soap and water solution to wash the vinyl, then rinse with clean water. Avoid abrasive soaps, tools, or any other solvents. Improper use of these products can void the warranty.

Use of vinyl protectants, such as those commonly found in auto parts stores, can accelerate the aging of your tub, causing cracks in the vinyl that are not covered under warranty. The only vinyl protectant approved for use on your Softub Spa is Aerospace 303 Protectant, available from your Softub Spa dealer.

If your Softub Spa is located outside, we strongly recommend the use of the Softub Spa Protective Cover (available from your dealer). This will protect the Softub Spa from direct ultra-violet (UV) exposure, keep rainwater out of the tub, and keep the surface clean. If you are placing a dark color Softub Spa in direct sunlight, the use of a Softub Spa Protective Cover is recommended. Never cover your Softub Spa with a transparent plastic covering of any sort, for it will damage the tub.

If your exterior does get a tear or puncture, contact your dealer.

Please contact one of our service centers covering your area to inquire about getting an exterior vinyl patch kit for your Softub Spa. They will be able to assist you in getting the right type for your tub. You may locate a service center through our Dealer Locator.

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