If you are contemplating a hot tub for your home relaxation routine, you should consider the comfort of a Softub Spas hot tub. Our Softub is a breakthrough product that has grown to be a worldwide corporation following our humble beginnings in 1986. Let us share with you why so many people across the United States, where our Softubs are made, as well as 30 other countries, have chosen a Softub over a traditional hot tub. Here are five benefits of owning a Softub versus a traditional hot tub.

Softub Spas offer many benefits

1. No Preparation Costs

When you are planning to install a traditional acrylic hot tub, there are costs associated with preparing the location. It may require construction, excavation, or concrete costs for permanent placement. A Softub Spa only needs an adequate, smooth, load-bearing surface indoors or outdoors. There are no additional preparation costs.

2. Portability & Installation

A Softub Spa can easily be rolled through any standard doorway and can be set up by one person. That means it can also be easily relocated as you desire. A traditional hot tub requires a crew and incurs plumbing and electrician costs. You may even need to have alterations made to your home’s structure to accommodate it, and it is not practical to relocate once it’s in place.

3. Lower Energy Costs

You can easily maintain your Softub Spa at your desired water temperature for about $15 a month. Acrylic hot tubs typically cost $40-70 or more per month to operate. Some traditional hot tub owners even report having to turn off their heating units to avoid the costly utility bills.

4. Comfort & Safety

A Softub has cushioned padding that is much more comfortable than a hard, acrylic surface. They are constructed from a Polybond™ foam, which means there are no slippery surfaces or hidden depths. In addition to being uncomfortable, traditional hot tubs require caution with their slippery surface, hard corners, and hidden depths.

5. Better Jet Power

The jets in a Softub Spa are strategically placed, interchangeable hydro-jets that allow for even hydrotherapy. The hydrotherapy of a traditional hot tub is often uneven, due to the number and the configuration of the jets.

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