One of the more tedious elements of owning a hot tub is the care they require and constantly ensuring sanitary water. A hot tub that requires too much work negates the whole purpose of relaxation. That’s why we believe in keeping things simple. At Softub Spas, we have created a simple sanitizing system that doesn’t require the consultation of a chemist to get it right.

Softub Spas Sanitizing System

Easy-To-Use Sanitizing System

At Softub Spas, we want our customers to have an enjoyable and easy experience owning and managing their spas. We believe that everything about owning one of our spas should be as simple as 1,2,3, which includes simple care of the water long after your purchase. We’ve heard too many stories from weary hot tub owners, and we don’t want any of our customers to have an experience like this. That is why we have carved a new path in caring for our hot tubs.

The FROG® @ease® Floating System

Approved for all Softub models, our innovative FROG @ease combines sanitizing minerals and SmartChlor Technology to kill bacteria in two ways with up to 75% less chlorine. The result is fresh Mineral Water® that’s smooth as silk, has far fewer odors than other water, and is self-regulating, leaving you with water that is quite easy to maintain. The best part is that it knows when more sanitizing power is needed and automatically delivers it without your intervention. This device knows when it’s time for a cartridge replacement and will let you know by just flipping over.

Order Your Softub and FROG @ease

With the care of your water set to autopilot using our simple sanitizing system, you no longer need to worry if you are correctly handling the care of the water inside your Softub Spa. If you are interested in purchasing one of our spas but would like to know more, download our free brochure to start browsing. Contact us today at (888) 763-8828, or use our convenient dealer locator to help you find an authorized Softub Spas dealer in your area from one of our many locations throughout the United States.