Accessories always add the perfect finishing touch, and the accessories offered by Softub Spas are no exception. Whether you are soaking in your tub with the sun beating down on your face or under the stars with a cool breeze stirring the water, we provide several Softub accessories to heighten your relaxation. Our lightweight foam insulation already makes our tubs the most comfortably-designed hot tub available, but we can help you make it even better. If you are ready to relax your summer away, let us show you some simple things that will increase the enjoyment of your experience.

Softub Spas Accessories

A Surround Makes the Whole Experience Even Better

Softub Spas offers exterior surround options, including a Boca rattan and natural wood surround. This is one of our most popular accessories, as they truly complete your space with a functional and aesthetically-pleasing appeal. You can bundle everything together with your initial purchase or return later to select your surround. Available for most of our models, a surround will enhance your spa experience.

You’ll Have it Made in the Shade with a Spa SideUmbrella

Our Spa Side Umbrellas are available in two different colors to coordinate with your Softub Spa. This is the perfect accessory if you keep your spa exposed to the sun outdoors. You can position the umbrella next to your Softub and shift it around as the sun’s rays move across the sky. Enjoy the shade while you relax the afternoon away.

Lay Back and Relax Against a Softub Spa Pillow

Our exclusively-designed Softub Spa pillow is available in various colors and materials to match it exactly to your Softub Spa. Or, you can choose a complementary color to create a unique look. It simply attaches to the side of your spa, and all that is required from you is to lean back and relax. 

Make Your Life Easier & Add a Touch of Fun

We offer some other accessories to make your Softub experience even more convenient. A handi-step can assist you with entering and exiting your Softub, and its all-weather finish will hold up in any climate. You can also choose from a towel tree, spa side handrail, aqua tray spa side table, water brick booster seat, an impressive selection of rubber ducks, or a Softub Spas bathrobe, or towel. We have whatever you need to make your personal oasis as enjoyable as possible!

Order Your Softub Spas Accessories Today

At Softub Spas, we combine stylish comfort with individuality, sustainability, and flexibility in our spas to bring you our world-renowned breakthrough product concept. Are you ready for an escape from the stress of everyday life? Contact us today at (888) 763-8828 or visit our dealer locator online to find an authorized dealer near you. We offer several tub models to help you create your backyard oasis.