Why spend your money going to a pricey resort for one fleeting getaway, when you can bring a resort to your home to enjoy as often as you like? Softub Spas will give you a true resort-like experience for a relaxing staycation with any of our spas, such as the Resort 300. You can entertain the whole family in this one, and add some spa accessories to top it all off. Consider this model as we go through all of the features and benefits of the tub that will enhance your personal oasis. 

Resort 300 Spa

Features of the Resort 300

At 6 1/2 feet in diameter, the spacious Resort 300 can comfortably accommodate up to six adults. This model is custom-made with a built-in therapy seat designed to elevate your soaking position, as well as an additional three inches in depth to allow a deeper soak. Also coming standard with this tub, seven customizable hydrotherapy jets will soothe your upper and lower back for ultimate relaxation. Simply choose the color and material you prefer, and you are well on your way to your backyard retreat.

Benefits of a Softub Spa

Besides a relaxing and invigorating experience, our spas were designed for true hydrotherapy. Many pain-inducing health conditions can be soothed by spending time in your tub. Likewise, those who suffer from anxiety or sleep disorders will feel relief from these ailments through the relaxing nature of the water and the soothing massage of the jets. Your Softub Spa can serve a dual purpose as a source of entertainment, and an aid in your wellness journey. 

Order Your Resort 300 Today

What started from humble beginnings in 1986 has grown into a worldwide corporation with distribution in all 50 states and more than 30 countries. Softub Spas continues to pave the way for innovation for energy-efficient, comfortable, and affordable spas. Contact us today at (888) 763-8828 or visit our dealer locator online to find an authorized dealer near you. In addition to our several tub models, we have surrounds, spa pillows, and spa side umbrellas to complete your experience.