Imagine coming home after a long day at work, looking forward to an evening of relaxation under the stars. With Softub Spas, that dream can become a reality as you join our legions of satisfied customers who cannot say enough about owning one of our tubs. Besides being portable, easy to install, and low maintenance, our tubs also have accessories available that will top off your spa experience. Let us introduce you to our exterior surrounds, one of the most popular of the Softub accessories.

Exterior Surrounds for Your Softub

Choose the Perfect Softub for Your Household 

Softub Spas offers several models, and you can choose the perfect one for your specific needs. Select from different sizes, jets, and designs, along with your favorite color options for your own personal oasis. Finish it off with some accessories to create the ultimate sanctuary in your own backyard. Whether you choose a Softub to indulge in some relaxation or for the much-needed health benefits of hydrotherapy, we know you will be happy with your decision.

Complete Your Spa With a Surround

Nothing will complete your space quite like an exterior surround, and it’s no wonder they are a bestseller. You can choose from our rattan surround or our natural wood surround to suit your personal style and needs. Not only do they set off your Softub, but the surrounds also add the convenience of extra space for your belongings. You can bundle your spa and your surround together when you make your initial purchase or return later to select your surround. 

Order Your Spa and Accessories Today

Softub Spas has remained an industry leader for decades due to the individuality, sustainability, and flexibility of our product. Plus, our spas are handcrafted and don’t come off an assembly line like others. Contact us today at (888) 763-8828, or use our convenient dealer locator to help you find an authorized Softub Spas dealer in your area from one of our many locations throughout the United States.