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Enjoy! You Deserve it
Oasis of Wellbeing
Simple as 1,2,3
Durable Durable enough to withstand the strength and weight of an elephant; no matter the weather—sun, rain, frost, or snow—the Leathertex exterior of Softub hot tubs has been created for long life and durability.

Softubs are unsurpassed for comfort and convenience. The soft but stable Polybond interiors provide comfort in all positions you may want to relax in. Our high standards for quality have not limited the beauty of Softub. There are seven designer colors to choose from to match any décor. Softub has ushered in a new era in relaxation. Softubs are light, portable, comfortable, and environmentally friendly.
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Enjoy! You Deserve it Enjoy pampering with a difference—anytime, anywhere. Relax, rejuvenate, and enjoy while soothing jets provide ultimate hydrotherapy. Softubs are light, portable, comfortable, and environmentally friendly. Whether inside or outdoors, a Softub can change your favorite spot into an oasis of relaxation. Softub is designed to deliver stress-free quality time, bringing tranquility to mind, body, and soul. Softub can create a harmonious place for rest and relaxation while soothing the body to help relieve the pressures of everyday life. Relaxing in your Softub allows you to rejuvenate tired muscles, using systematically organized water jets that indulge the body with healing, invigorating massage. Read the Full Story
Oasis of Wellbeing Softub—made for stress-free quality time, offers tranquility to mind, body and soul. Creating a harmonious place for rest and relaxation, Softub soothes the body to relieve the pressures of everyday life, rejuvenate tired muscles with systematically organized water jets, and pamper the body with healing, invigorating massage. In the 300+, the underwater LED lighting creates a soothing environment in which you can lose yourself in an oasis of well-being. With regular use, Softub can bring more vitality to your life. The warm-water massage encourages blood circulation and can activate the body’s own natural healing powers. Massage doesn’t just relieve tension—it also aids the recovery process for stressed body parts. A soak in a Softub helps to release endorphins, naturally reduces pain, and encourages feelings of happiness. Read the Full Story
Simple as 1,2,3 Light, easy to use, and easy to Install. Softub is the most portable hot tub in the world! You are never limited to one location! Using your Softub is as simple as: 1, 2, 3
Roll your spa into position. Your Softub can be rolled through any standard door or yard gate with ease. With the tub weighing less than 75lbs, anyone can move the tub from place to place. If you choose to have your Softub outside during the summer and inside during the winter, when it comes time to move it, just empty and roll it inside or out.
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Eco-Advantage The Softub Hydromate system was designed with heat recovery technology, incorporating the pump, motor, and heating systems into one single unit. Thanks to the clever arrangement of these technical components, a Softub’s water can also be heated using the motor’s excess heat. Softubs incorporate the intelligent technology of the Smartchip. With the Smartchip, Softub hot tubs maintain the set temperature on the control panel by turning the pump on and off automatically. The built in safety mechanism prevents the tub from overheating if there’s a problem with the temperature sensors as well as prevents the pump from turning on if the temperature is too high. The Smartchip also prevents the pump from turning on if the voltage is too low and could damage the pump. Read the Full Story

Softub, Because Simple is Better

Find your state of relaxation with Softub. Escape the every day stress life brings and rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.

Softub is the only truly portable hot tub on the market. Weighing less than 80 pounds, its lightweight and compact design provides you the luxury to relax and indulge-anytime anywhere.

Aside from its lightweight and portable features, Softubs are environmentally friendly. Softub's Heat Recovery Technology incorporates a pump motor that heats into a single Hydromate Unit. The heat from the motor is then used to heat the filtered water, keeping energy consumption to a minimum. Softubs plug into a standard 120V outlet, and does not require any additional wiring expense; thus, lowering your energy bills, all while helping the environment stay healthy and clean.

Heat Without a Heater

Incredible but true, Softub's heat exchanger absorbs the heat from its motor to warm your spa to the desired temperature. No more expensive spa heaters to purchase--you can relax and enjoy your Softub for less than $10.00 per month!* In addition, the state-of-the-art molded form shell and easy-to-attach insulated connection hoses, retain heat and reduce noise.

Smart Chip

Softub's Smart Chip technology can recognize low power situations. When it senses a voltage drop, your Softub will shut down; and when voltage returns to a normal level, the Smart Chip will turn everything back on to the old settings. Thanks to the Smart Chip, you can run all electric appliances like you normally do, without fear of damaging your Softub. After a power outage, the Smart Chip will automatically reset your Softub at 100 degrees. The Smart Chip will maintain your Softub at the set temperature automatically. The built-in safety mechanism prevents your Softub from overheating. You set the temperature, and the Smart Chip will do the rest—it is that simple!

Softub surpasses any other portable spa in comfort, convenience, and appearance. Its soft, durable, and stable design provides comfort in any position. Softubs are available in seven different designer exterior colors, and three interior colors that complement any decor.

We believe in making it easy and affordable to own a Softub. With purchase, you receive: the Softub hot tub; Hydromate Power Pak; Underwater Illumination and Therapy Seats (300+only); an insulated high density cover; and your choice of exterior colors; and a five-year warranty.

Call a Softub specialist and find out how you can own a Softub today.

Isn't it time for you to sit back, relax, invigorate, and enjoy? Go ahead, you deserve it.

* LESS THAN $10 PER MONTH! Softub hot tubs are remarkably inexpensive to operate. The calculations is based upon California Energy Commission protocol, using a 220 Softub every day for 20 minutes, with jets on. The water temperature was maintained at 102* F at all times, with an outdoor ambient temperature at 60*F or lower. Using the national average cost of electricity.
**VOC - Volitile Organic Compound

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