The weather is cooling off outside, and there is no better time to enjoy the warm, therapeutic waters of a hot tub. With Softub Spas, you can use the temperature settings so that your tub is ready for you at all times. Who wouldn’t want to come home from a busy day at work and relax in the crisp fall air, unbothered by its coolness? Let us highlight some of the benefits of Softub Spas that have made them the spa of choice among our many satisfied customers for over 35 years.

Your Softub is always ready

Innovative Heating Technology

Softub Spas were created early on with a special heat recovery technology that utilizes the waste heat from the motor to heat the spa. All these years later, these technologies still distinguish us as the most energy-efficient spa on the market. A Softub Spa plugs into any isolated 115v outlet to both power the jets and heat the water without a heater. Traditional hot tub owners must turn off their heating units between uses to avoid costly utility bills, while Softub Spas only cost an average of $15 a month to heat.

Your Softub is Always Ready

Softub Spas come equipped with an insulated folding lid that assists in heat retention and efficiency. The best news is that you can maintain your spa at your desired temperature for a monthly cost that is much lower than a traditional hot tub. You aren’t left constantly waiting for your spa to heat up because you are trying to save money on your utility bill in between uses. One of our customers’ favorite benefits of their spa is that it is always ready for them to start their relaxation.

Warm Up in Your Softub Spa Today

Enjoy the cooler autumn temperatures like never before with a Softub Spa to relax in. Contact our sales team today at (888) 763-8828 to find a dealer nearest you. Feel free to download a brochure on our website to see which Softub model is best for your home. We have distribution across the US, and you can visit our dealer locator to find a distributor near you.