Hexagon, mocca Tub und Holzumrandung mit Pflanzenbox-Winter Schnee

A spa is an investment—and choosing a spa that fits your lifestyle is important. Nobody wants a purchase like a hot tub, to go unused. Don’t fall victim to this: take into consideration every aspect that will help you decide what is the right hot tub for you. Follow these guidelines so you can purchase the perfect spa.


Take measurements of where your hot tub will be placed. This will save you time, money, and will allow you to plan your dream spa– not return it.

Meet the Requirements

Before purchase of your spa, be sure to meet ALL of the regulations required for owning a hot tub. Whether the requirements are set by: the city; or your place of residence such as: a private community; or an apartment complex, consult with the designated personnel that will provide you information on what needs to be met for owning a hot tub.


When choosing a hot tub, you should factor into your decision if the spa will be used for personal enjoyment, family, social gatherings, or for therapeutic purposes. By identifying these factors, it will help you narrow your search and give you direction of how to choose your spa.

Electrical Output

Make sure you take note of the amount of appliances used in your household on a daily basis and how much electrical output is required to run the appliances. This will prevent power outages, a blown fuse, fires, and other issues that may occur due to a lack of power output in your household.

There is no need to sacrifice output usage for your dream spa, Softub, plugs into a standard 120V outlet and expends little energy; in addition, Softub’s smart chip technology, will shut down in low power situations and turn back on once there is enough electrical output to run the spa.
Follow these guidelines to help you make your decision on the right spa for you.

Don’t rush into your decision—do your homework. This will give you more time to relax and enjoy your spa, rather than having buyers’ remorse.