Tone Up in Your Hot Tub


A hot tub is more than what meets the eye. Whether you use it to relieve stress, or spend some time with family and friends, a hot tub can also be used to improve your health.

Warm water can soothe your muscles and provide resistance, which can make water exercises more effective and pleasurable. In fact, exercising in hot tubs is recommended by the National Arthritis Foundation (NAF). According to the NAF, exercising in warm water, relieves arthritis pain, and helps strengthen your muscles.

Try these exercises in your hot tub. If you feel uncomfortable during any of these exercises, discontinue the motion, to avoid strain on your muscles and prevent joint injuries.

Exercise for the Neck and Shoulders

After spending a few minutes warming-up in the tub, stand up and slowly lower your body until your shoulders are completely submerged in the hot water: roll your shoulders five times, going forward-and-back. Repeat the motions until you feel comfortable in order to avoid putting any weight on your shoulders. With your shoulders still submerged, tilt your neck from left-to-right and from front-to-back.

Exercise for the Abdomen

Sit in the tub and take a deep breath; gently contract your abdomen as you exhale. Gradually increase the exercise to three sets of ten. This exercise can help strengthen your abdominal muscles as well as your backbone. Keep in mind: you must begin the exercise slowly, so you do not strain your abdominal muscles.

Exercise for the Legs

Casually raise and lower your legs–you may perform the exercise one leg at a time. After a few sets, you can try to raise both legs. This exercise may be difficult for those who suffer from arthritis; so make sure to assess your health condition.

Another leg exercise involves fully extending your leg until your knee locks. Then, slowly bring your knee into your body one leg at a time. You can gradually increase the repetitions to three sets of ten.

Now that you are done, sit in the tub and enjoy. You can use the jets to massage your back, shoulders, and other areas of the body. Focus on your breath, in-and-out, to soothe your mind and achieve ultimate relaxation.

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***Before starting any workout regimen, make sure to consult with your doctor. Always stretch before any physical activity to avoid injury. Never engage in exercise beyond your level of comfort****