The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift For a Couple to Enjoy Together

If you are still trying to figure out a Valentine’s Day gift for your significant other, why not opt for a gift that you can use all year long? Softub Spas is the gift of an experience together, and one that you can enjoy as often as you wish. Our portable tubs are convenient enough that you can choose one as a last-minute gift, with little to no preparation required. Choose the perfect hot tub for your own personal oasis from among our Softub Spas models, but let us introduce you to the perfect option for a couple to relax in. 

Couples enjoy the Sportster 140

The Perfect Softub Model for a Couple 

Softub Spas has models available in different sizes and with unique features, but there is one in particular that would be perfect for a twosome. Our Sportster 140 model can easily accommodate one to two people, with many of the same features as our larger models. This model features four customizable hydrotherapy jets and multi-colored LED underwater lights to really set the mood. Enjoy the luxury of a spa at an entry-level price. 

Don’t Forget the Icing on the Cake

Set your tub off with some accessories to make your relaxation time even more enjoyable and luxurious. A Softub Spa pillow is the ultimate touch of comfort that you need as you spend time soaking in your tub. You could also select a surround, either rattan or natural wood, to frame your tub and provide some extra space to lay anything you might need during your relaxation.

Order Your Valentine a Softub Spa

Softub Spas will supply endless comfort and relaxation this Valentine’s Day and many more to come. Contact us today at (888) 763-8828 to find out how to purchase your very own Softub Spa. You can download a free brochure on our website while you check out our customer testimonials to see what others are saying about our spas. Use our dealer locator to find an authorized Softub Spas dealer in your area from one of our several locations throughout the nation.