Stationary Spa vs. Portable Spa


HotTubComparisonA hot tub is more than a purchase, it is an investment. When choosing a hot tub, whether it be a stationary or portable spa, there are several factors involved. From placement of your hot tub; to maintenance; to its health benefits, these aspects should influence your decision. One of the main queries a hot tub owner will face is the practicality of owning a hot tub; however, that worry can be eliminated by purchasing a Softub spa.

The benefits from owning a hot tub are infinite. A hot tub can be used to relieve pain; unwind from a long and stressful day; to spend time with family and friends; and much more. Stationary spa owners are tied to one location and cannot fully enjoy their hot tub. With a Softub spa, however, you are bound by nothing. Whether you choose to relocate your portable hot tub in your home, or if you change residencies, it can easily be done worry free.

A hot tub is already an investment as is. Stationary spas are cumbersome, costly, and require work crews, plumbers, and electricians. In contrast with a Softub spa, all you have to do is find a level surface indoor or out. There is no need for expensive specialists and excavations–save that time and money to enjoy your new hot tub!

Saving electricity and gas is something we all aim for. Not only does it keep our wallets thick, it also helps the environment stay healthy and clean. Softub spas require little energy. Softub plugs into a regular household outlet and once heated, only costs $14.00 or less per month to keep warm and ready for use. Compare that to a stationary spa, where the average electric bill can cost up to $70.00 per month!

Lastly, overall cost. After everything said and done, a stationary spa can set you back up to $20,000.00. A Softub portable spas, costs five times less than that! Save that extra cash for rainy day, not a stationary spa.

A hot tub is an investment, so make the most of it. A Softub spa is inexpensive, energy efficient, and practical. Stationary spas are costly, time consuming, and limited.
With a portable spa, you can choose when and where to enjoy the countless benefits a hot tub has to offer!