Relieve Stress and Learn About Hydrotherapy.


Stress comes in all forms. We feel stress from work, school, relationships, family issues, and so much more. Stress causes sleepless nights, stress-related pain, and anxious behavior. Luckily, hydrotherapy has been a main source of relief for people who suffer from these symptoms. Hydrotherapy involves three main components: heat, buoyancy, and massage. These elements have a greater impact than many people may realize.

Heat helps the body produce endorphins, which are natural pain relievers, and when your body produces them, you feel more relaxed and generally better. They also help regulate your sleeping patterns. When massage is included, blood vessels dilate, reducing headaches and other arthritis-related pain. Massage also allows you to loosen your joints and muscles when the water pressure hits the skin. Buoyancy helps your body feel weightless. When working a full 8-hour day and 40-hour weeks, your body tends to feel overworked. But when soaking in water, your body weighs a significant amount less, and you work less hard in water as on land, allowing you to relax. For workaholics, this means there is actually a cure for feeling burned out! When using a spa, the jets are usually centered on the middle of your back.

Hydrotherapy, or the use of water jets, has helped people feel relaxed for many years. Now, doctors recommend dipping in a spa before bed to ensure a full night’s sleep; the National Sleep Foundation ( also concludes that soaking in hot water before bed ensures a full night of heavy sleep. In fact, a study done at the University of Sao Paulo found that hydrotherapy helps you sleep and reduces needed nap time for fibromyalgia patients and anyone else who has any sleeping problems. Hydrotherapy stimulates the immune system, making your body feel stronger and healthier. Each individual cell changes and relaxes when you enter a spa, causing you to better utilize your nutrition and rebuild your metabolism. Most people forget that being in warm water, feeling weightless, and relaxing speeds up metabolism. The warm water also helps improve digestion.

Being relaxed, sleeping better, and becoming healthier will make all the difference for those with a busy schedule and no time in between. During the evening before bed is the best time to use a spa or bathtub to revive your energy level for the next day.