Would you like to enjoy a hot tub without the costly or difficult installation process? Like many others have already done, you, too, can reap all of the benefits of a hot tub that is easy to install. Softub Spas are an innovative hot tub that leads the market for its portable, movable spa design that is unmatched by any other. Perhaps the best feature of Softubs is the ease of installation, so let us walk you through our simple installation and care process.

Softub Spas are easy to install and maintain

Minimal Site Preparation 

Softub Spas only require an adequate, smooth, load-bearing surface, either outdoors or indoors. There are no additional preparations that need to be made, such as the construction, excavation, or concrete pad that are typical for the permanent location of a hard acrylic tub. Preparing the hot tub site can be both laborious and costly for acrylic hot tub owners. Plus, once they get their hot tub installed, it will likely have to remain there as the permanent location, whether they like it or not.

Installation As Simple As 1,2,3

The installation of a Softub Spa is as simple as 1,2,3 and can be done by one person. It doesn’t require a costly crew that incurs additional expenses for the placement, plumbing, and electrical work. All you need is an isolated 15 amp/115-volt outlet to plug your Softub Spa into, and we will even provide the cord-mounted ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) for you. Just roll your Softub to your desired location, align and tighten the three connectors, and finally fill your tub with water to enjoy the ultimate luxury of stress-free tranquility.

Easy To Use Sanitizing System

Besides the easy installation, we have also simplified the care of the water inside your Softub. We believe everything about owning a Softub Spa should be easy, and should not require a degree in chemicals. We don’t ever want our spas to be too much work to own and maintain, and have, therefore, introduced the FROG @ease Floating System to sanitize your water. This self-regulating sanitizing system uses fewer chemicals to kill bacteria, leaving you with nearly odor-free, silky, soft water and peace of mind.

Order Today To Easily Install Your Own Softub

Softub Spas have so many benefits that make our tubs an obvious choice for customers all over the country and around the world. Contact us at (888) 763-8828 to apply for financing or to order your very own Softub Spa. You can download a free brochure on our website while you look through our customer testimonials to see what others are saying about our products. We have distribution across the US, and you can visit our dealer locator to find a distributor near you.