Pardon Me: Hot Tub Etiquette

Invited to a hot tub get together? Spas are a unique alternative to a social gathering. Just like any social engagement, there is a little etiquette that should be practiced. Even in a hot tub spa!

First thing, which is fairly simple, don’t turn the spa into your restroom. Warm water relaxes your entire body-including your muscles. You may be stricken with the sudden urge to relieve yourself. Be mindful of others, and use the appropriate facility that has been made available to guests.

Need something that requires you to get out of the spa? No problem. Just make sure you don’t bring anything along with you. Wear a pair of flip-flops and check that you are free of debris before you enter back into the spa.

Enjoy a hot soak without making a splash. Meaning? Not everyone is going to want to have a water fight or make light of someone jumping into the spa only to remove half the water.

Never smoke in a spa! In fact, don’t smoke, period. People can suffer from second hand smoke; and there’s a potential for ash and cigarette butts of falling into the water. Take a smoke break in a designated smoking area. And don’t forget: discard of the butts properly!

A spa can get pretty crowded. Personal space can become limited quickly. Ask the person next to you if they are comfortable or need more room. Trust me, they will appreciate it.

The battle of the towels. To avoid towel war, bring your own towel. An easy way to keep track of your towel is to initial it somewhere visible on the towel that is easy to spot by you and others as well.

Most importantly: have fun. Practicing good hot tub etiquette will ensure that everyone will enjoy themselves to the fullest; that means you too!