Hydrotherapy for Animals!


The joy of hot water therapy has become a popular and natural therapeutic remedy for humans. But, did you know animals also suffer from ailments such as arthritis, stiff joints and muscles, and chronic pain? Many animal owners are now turning to natural remedies such as hydrotherapy to help rehabilitate their pets.

1.  Heidi the Rabbit: An arthritic rabbit from the UK was prescribed regular hydrotherapy sessions to help with her condition. Hot water therapy has relieved the arthritis in her hips and knees and spondylitis in her neck.

2. Duncan: In 2012 Cheri Wells adopted Duncan, a Rottweiler with Lupus, from the Pasco County Animal Shelter in Land O’Lakes, Florida. Thin and frail, Duncan was almost too weak to stand up when he urinated.

Owner Cheri, wanted a natural remedy to help with his autoimmune disorder. So, she decided to visit a holistic veterinarian. The vet recommended hydrotherapy for Duncan’s condition. Cheri’s next stop was Rocky’s Retreat Canine Health and Fitness Center in Orlando, where Duncan regained his strength and lives a normal and healthy life.

3. Roo: Roo is a Blue Faced Leicester who was brought to the Liverpool Shelter by a supporter who found him on the side of a road in Wales. When he arrived to the shelter, he was in very poor condition and was barely able to walk.; the joints of his legs were swollen and made it difficult for him to walk.

Hydrotherapy was recommended for Roo. So, his foster mother, Collette, set up a hot water bath for Roo to exercise his legs in without putting weight on them. Since Roo started hydrotherapy, the swelling in his knees has virtually disappeared, and he is able to walk with little to no assistance.

4. Nazzaning: The Turkish Van from New York was paralyzed after a serious injury. With the help of hydrotherapy, she is learning to use her muscles again. Nazzaning’s owner, Florence Rostami, decided to go with the route of hydrotherapy since Turkish Vans are natural swimmers.

Florence is happy to report Nazzaning is regaining feeling in her legs and is beginning to walk on her own.

Who knew animals could benefit from hydrotherapy too!
Hot water therapy has been around for centuries, and will continue to be a pillar to natural healing remedies.