How to Treat Your Body with Hydrotherapy Every Day

Why is 60-70% of our body made out of water?

It can be a mindboggling question but there is a simple fact that explains it in full. Humans have always been close to water. The first living organisms developed in the water because it is an ideal medium for development and growth. And nothing has changed that to this day; we are still and forever will be connected to water.

In today’s world there is a variety of ways to treat pathological conditions. Starting with the evidence-based medicine in hospitals, followed by alternative medicine with its origins in ancient Chinese herbs and acupuncture – all these approached were tested time and time again in order to prove the efficiency of treatment. However, we seem to be forgetting about the oldest therapy – about out vital connection with water.

Hydrotherapy is the most natural therapy there is. It has a proven effect in physical therapy and as a cleansing agent. Conditions such as fever, fatigue and cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure can be treated by thermal hydrotherapy for example. The special effect of hydrotherapy on the heart and coronary system are why more and more cardiologists are opting for hydrotherapy along with standard pharmaceutical drug treatment.

Doctors recommend water treatment in health spas and alike as much as possible. However, we have always been connected to water and going to the spa once or twice a year will not be very effective. Another problem is the cost of such treatment: hydrotherapy is very basic and natural treatment but most of people think they have to go to a spa to get their bodies into specially designed tubs, and spas cost quite a bit of money.

Fortunately there is a very well thought out solution. For hydrotherapy it is essential that is done regularly and with ease. That is why professional hydrotherapy instructors and doctors alike recommend having a specially designed tub for water therapy at home. This is how you can nourish your body every day. If a family member or three want to hop in, you won’t have additional costs as you would have bringing the whole family (including the grandchildren) to a spa.

One of the best such tubs to achieve your daily hydrotherapy in is the Softub. Softub’s come at a reasonable price and are energy efficient. Make a move for a healthy heart today and immerse yourself in warm water every day to relax, rejuvenate and heal yourself.