Hot Tub Energy Saving Tips

A spa will raise your energy bills; ranging from slightly to dramatically. But, there a few easy ways to avoid this, and keep your energy bills as low as possible so you can enjoy your spa rather than worry about your wallet.

Always keep the spa cover on when your hot tub is not in use: A spa cover will significantly reduce the amount of heat escape. If the spa is left uncovered, the water temperature be lowered, thus having to run the spa more frequently to reach the desired temperature. The less heat escape, the less you will have to run your spa. Also, I have stressed this in the past but I will stress it once more: heat your spa with the cover on. Heating your spa, with the spa cover on, will raise the water temperature at a faster rate than heating without the spa cover.

Do not run the jets when your spa is either heating up or is not in use: The air generated from the jets cools the temperature in the water. This will lower the water temperature and you will have to run the spa for a longer period of time to maintain the temperature.

Solar Heating: Solar heating has become a popular alternative to heating a pool or spa. Try investing in solar power to heat your spa throughout the hot months of the year to avoid unnecessary energy usage.

Water Care is Key: To avoid having to drain your spa, make sure you practice proper water care. Buildup and unhygienic conditions sometimes require you to drain the spa. Not only does this waste water, you will also have to reheat the spa. Invest in a spa that does not have a heating element: What do I mean by that? The energy that is used to run a spa is mostly dedicated to the heating element, which is the culprit for the increase in your energy bill. Softub spas, has removed the heating element by recycling the heat generated from the motor. As a result, you can run a Softub spa for as little as $14 per month! Pretty neat, huh?

A little can go a long way. These small adjustments will speak volumes when you see your next energy bill.

Start saving today!

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