Do you ever feel like you just can’t get warm, no matter how many layers of clothes you put on? Sometimes it takes more than a blanket or a heater to chase away the cold. A warm spa is relaxing all year long, but it seems to be especially gratifying during the cold winter months as it warms you up in a way that nothing else can. Softub Spas can be enjoyed all throughout the winter months, even outdoors, and we’ll tell you how.

Use your Softub Spa in the winter

Relax in Your Softub on Winter Nights

At Softub Spas, one thing that we hear from our customers is that they prefer to use their spas on cold winter nights. The contrast of the falling snow and the warm water creates a magical and soothing experience for you to enjoy outdoors on blustery winter evenings. Relaxing in a Softub is certainly not restricted to being a summer activity. Like so many of our other customers, you, too, can experience the magic of a Softub in the snow as you keep warm during the coldest months of the year.

Use Your Softub All Winter Long

Each of our Softub models will work effectively in all temperatures, even when they dip below freezing. Since Softubs are delivered to homes in varying climates all over the world, we designed them for continuous use with proper maintenance in all climates. Be sure and remove any snow accumulation on and around the tub motor, as well as ensure the unit is always powered. That is all you need to do to safely use your Softub outdoors in the winter. 

Download a Brochure & Choose Your Softub

With Softub Spas you have a relaxing oasis right in the comfort of your backyard, and they only cost an average of $15 a month to heat. Plus, the padded surfaces are much more comfortable than the hard surfaces of a traditional hot tubContact us today at (888) 763-8828 or you can download a free brochure to peruse all of our options. Our convenient dealer locator will help you find an authorized Softub Spas dealer in your area from one of our many locations throughout the United States.