“A Hot Tub You Can Move Anywhere” – Maxim.com

Softub® was recently featured in an article on Maxim.com, the large print and web media outlet. The article on the website talked about the portability of Softub® and some of the features that sets us apart from other hot tubs including the 120v standard outlet, the built in therapy seat as well as our patented heat exchange system (how Softub® heats without a heater!)

Here is a quick blurb and link to the article:

“Luxuriating in a hot tub sounds lovely—but it sounds even lovelier when you can choose where to put it, indoors or out, year round in hot or cold weather. For over a quarter century, the folks at Softub® have been crafting simple, durable, portable spas that do just that.” -Maxim.com

The rest of the Article can be read here!