Have you decided that now is as good a time as any for a new hot tub in your home? If you are beginning to determine which type, brand, or style would be the best option for your family, you’ve come to the right place. Softub Spas will deliver quality time away from the stresses of your everyday life with the same groundbreaking product concept that got us started. We’ll go through five reasons why you should choose Softub Spas for your new method of relaxation.

Benefits of Softub Spas

1. Easy Preparation

First and foremost, Softub Spas require only minimal site preparation. As long as you have any adequate smooth, load-bearing surface, either outdoors or indoors, you can set up your Softub. Traditional hot tubs can require construction, excavation, or even concrete for a permanent location, costing you an average of $450.

2. Simple Installation

The simple as 1,2,3 setup of our spas can be completed by one person. You need only to roll the Softub to the spot where you want to set it up, align the three connectors, and then fill it with water to enjoy. Our models do not require the exorbitant crew, placement, plumbing, and electrician costs that other hot tubs need to operate.

3. Low Cost to Operate 

Softub Spas can be plugged into any isolated 15 amp/115-volt outlet, and we will include the cord-mounted ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) with your spa. You can then maintain your desired water temperature at about $15 monthly. Acrylic hot tubs not only require much higher upfront electrical expenses, but they also cost more to operate each month.

4. Portability & Relocation

Are you having trouble deciding where to set up your new Softub Spa, and possibly afraid you might change your mind later on? No problem at all! Your Softub is light enough to easily roll through any standard doorway by a single person to be relocated somewhere else. You may try it outdoors and bring it indoors to see which you prefer.

5. Comfortable Seating

Let’s face it. Lightweight foam insulation will be way more comfortable to sit on than the hard, acrylic surface of a traditional hot tub. When you sit in a Softub Spa, the padded surfaces will surround you to provide the comfortable cushioning you need for true relaxation. There are no hard, molded designated seats to restrict your position or movement in the water.

Order Your Softub Today

These are just a few reasons that you should choose a Softub, but please reach out if you would like to learn more. We offer several models and accessories to make your experience even better than you imagined. Contact us today at (888) 763-8828 for more information. You can use our convenient dealer locator to help you find an authorized Softub Spas dealer near you from one of our many locations throughout the United States.