3 Easy Steps To Creating Your Personal Backyard Oasis

Who wouldn’t want their own personal backyard oasis? It may not be as difficult as you think to create the perfect backyard getaway; one that conveniently relieves stress and provides relaxation. Softub Spas can help you achieve this retreat with the comfort and style of our spas. Let us tell you the three things you need to set up your own personal backyard oasis.

Softub Spa for a personal oasis

1. Choose Your Softub Spa

The first step in creating your oasis is to choose the perfect spa from our four models. Depending on the capacity you require and the number of jets you want, we offer the Portico, Resort 300, Legend 220, or Sportster 140 models. You can even personalize it with your favorite color choice. Once you have selected all of your options, you are well on your way to your backyard retreat!

2. Choose Your Spa Side Umbrella

The spa side umbrella will provide all the shade you need from the hot summer sun. These are available in three different colors that you can coordinate with your spa. They are large enough to provide shade for the whole family or group of guests inside your spa and can be adjusted as the sun moves through the sky.

3. Choose Your Softub Spa Pillow

The finishing touch to creating your backyard oasis is picking out the perfect spa pillow. These come in either our LeatherTex or SynTex material to coordinate with your spa, and each material option is available in a variety of colors. Can you think of anything more relaxing than a comfortable pillow to rest against in a soothing spa? We can’t, either!

Create Your Oasis Today

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